2018 Ocean St World Festival Stall Application 

Ocean St World Festival, presented by the MRA is a feast for the senses where cultures from around the world bring the inquisitive together to celebrate diversity. Artists showcase their unique talents with acts from Japan to Bolivia, Budapest to Jamaica, Salsa dancing, Bollywood workshops, choirs, djembe workshops and more. 

This is a one-day opportunity to travel the world. Boasting attendance of up to 50,000 people from 10am-9pm provides a rich market place and opportunity for all.


Creating a great cultural experience is the most important element for the MRA. 

Letting us know how your will present and decorate your stall is vital as part of your submission and acceptance into this festival.   We invite you to decorate your stall celebrating the culture or multiple cultures you would like to represent.  There will be a winner on the day and the prize is half of your stall fee reimbursed. 

So get those decorations out, be bright, be bold, don’t hold back the more colour the better!


Essentially we are looking for products that have elements of the below:

  • Culturally designed or produced ART & CRAFT / FOOD
  • Unique & cutting edge products that will attract people  to our festival
  • Excellent Stall display and social media presence 
  • Speciality goods and select local farm produce 
  • That have a great story behind it or the people 
  • Positive cultural, social, environmental & economic impact 
  • Items not available through a commercial outlet